Teach Code Better


enCode Create offers computer science curriculum, online courses, and profesional development and training for STEM and computer science teachers. Using our original, game-based approach, enCode Create students learn to write code while making their own video games.


Students will learn a variety of programming concepts and skills as they progress. All games are created using the Java programming language, one of the most popular programming languages in the world. Our curriculum can give students a thorough understanding of how computers work and video games are made, preparing them to pursue a Bachelor of Computer Science. We cover fundamental, intermediate, and advanced concepts.

“Programming was one of the best creative outlets of my high school experience. I used to be excited on Monday mornings to show my teacher the projects I had worked on over the weekend.”

— erica t, former student

“Learning a programming language is a modern academic essential. The challenge of finding the right product to teach it is solved with enCode Create. As the leader of a high school with robust STEM programs, I have seen students at every level engage with this curriculum, using it as a foundation to develop systems thinking, to launch a range of post-secondary plans, or simply to apply logic in a way that is creative and fun.”

— dr. jill pittman, executive principal, john overton high school



For schools and districts looking to improve the quality of their middle and high school computer science, programming, or STEM education, we offer , a unique curriculum, as well as teacher development and training

Our curriculum can be served in two ways: using our online course platform, or via your school’s learning management system. Courses include embedded videos, instructional text, and code files. The first four lessons are free to preview and use at home or in your classroom. Come take a look!

You also offer video conferencing for teachers who want extra training. You can bundle this service with curriculum, allowing your teachers to get on-the-spot help whenever they need it. Give your teachers all the tools they need for a fully engaged classroom.


Brent Sanderson

Brent has experience as both a software developer and a high school teacher of computer programming. While a teacher, Brent discovered that quality high school curriculum did not exist for this discipline. He started enCode Create to improve the way middle and high school students learn to write code.