Coding Course Bundles for Home Schoolers


Are you a home school family looking to add robust coding, computer science, or STEM curriculum to your child’s education? Our home school course bundles have everything you need.

With enCode Create’s home school coding curriculum, students learn to write real code in the Java programming language while making their own video games. Created games are family friendly and suitable for all ages. All course content is served in our own dedicated online course platform. Combining video walkthroughs, code files, and instructional text, your child will have everything they need to learn how to write code.

As a parent, there’s no reason to feel intimidated by teaching coding, no matter your background level. Every home school bundle includes a student course and a teacher course. The teacher course includes finished versions of every code project, giving you a guide to work from as you help your child learn a new skill. Teacher courses also include tests and answer keys, full vocabulary lists, and project rubrics.

The first four units are FREE for you and your child to try out.

At enCode/Create, we invite you to Teach Code Better.

Brent Sanderson