Everything a Coding Teacher Needs


Give your coding, STEM, and computer science teachers everything they need to succeed in their classroom. Equip them with enCode Create curriculum and training.  We give teachers the resources, skills, and confidence they need to teach their students effectively.

Project-Based Curriculum Makes Concepts Accessible


Students learn programming concepts by making video games.  They learn skills through practice and application. With our code projects, students build things that excite them.  Teachers are given completed versions of all projects so they can see the code in its finished state and more easily help students fix their mistakes.

Our lessons and videos break down core programming concepts in ways that students can understand. The material integrates easily into lectures and is always available for students to return to when they need the extra help.

Prep is easier for teachers when they know they have access to all the resources they will need.  In addition to our lessons, teachers also receive tests, project rubrics, and full vocabulary lists for every unit.

Content Served How You Want It


Students and teachers can access our code projects, video walkthroughs, and lessons via our online course platform.  Alternatively, schools can serve our curriculum directly in whatever learning management system they prefer (Blackboard, Canvas, Schoology, etc.), giving teachers the freedom to use our curriculum however fits their needs best.

The first four units are free to try and preview in your classroom.

Training, PD, and Support


We offer a range of options for teacher training and support.  In addition to our PD seminars, teachers can also have video conferences on their own schedule whenever they need extra training or have questions about a content area or project.

Brent Sanderson