We offer unique high school and middle school curriculum unlike anything else on the market.

Students learn real programming in the Java language through projects where they build video games. Students creatively apply their new skills in projects they enjoy, and they write real code in a real programming environment.

Sample screen from our online course platform

If your school district already uses an online learning management system (like Blackboard, Canvas, or Schoology), you can serve our curriculum to students directly from you LMS. Alternatively, curriculum may be served via our online course platform. Courses include embedded videos, instructional text, and code files.

All student curriculum purchases include a teacher course with completed versions of all student projects, vocabulary lists, tests, and project rubrics. Teacher courses also contain videos that show each solution step by step, to help them explain harder problems or show directly to students at their discretion.

Our code projects are written in the Java programming language and intended for use in Greenfoot, a free and open-source code development environment built for students.

The first four lessons are free to preview and try in your classroom. Get started today!

Topics covered in our courses include: basic language syntax, classes and objects, conditional statements and control flow, loops and iteration, inheritance and polymorphism, collections and data structures, object composition, project planning, and file I/O.

Our curriculum has been used successfully with students with a wide range of skill levels and background knowledge. It is easily differentiable, and has scaffolding built in to allow students of various ability levels to understand the material and work at their own pace.

Linked below are sample lessons with the scaffolding color-coded according to Webb’s Depth of Knowledge Model. By following allowing with the color-coding, you can see how rigor and complexity slowly increase as a lesson progresses. Students are guided along as they work, each step teaching them about code, and requiring them to think more deeply than the step before.

Drawing With Shapes, a project to introduce beginner students to the concept of programming.

Rock Dodger, a lesson for first-year students in their second week of instruction.

Forest Fire, a lesson for intermediate students.

In addition to curriculum, you can also bundle video conferencing to provide on-the-spot development and training for your teachers as they need it. We provide everything your teachers need for a fully engaged classroom.

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“Learning a programming language is a modern academic essential.  The challenge of finding the right product to teach it is solved with Encode Create.  As the leader of a high school with robust STEM programs, I have seen students at every level engage with this curriculum, using it as a foundation to develop systems thinking, to launch a range of post-secondary plans, or simply to apply logic in a way that is creative and fun.”

— dr. jill pittman,
Executive Principal
John overton High School
Nashville, tn

Examples of games students will create with our curriculum.

Examples of games students will create with our curriculum.